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35th & Union Named Douglas Q. Barnett Sr.

In case you hadn't noticed there is a newly added name to 34th and 35th and UNION. Added to the street is now Douglas Q Barnett Street. Please put this in your paper for our people to see and be proud of. This addition to the street name is a tribute to Black Arts West Theatre and the founder Mr. Barnett. The original Black Arts West Theatre was located between 34th and 35th and Union 1969-1980. To celebrate the block where our only black theater was located we feel this location should remembered and honored.

Nu Black Arts West Theatre and the Historic Central Area Arts & Cultural District (HCAACD) came together and with the support of Seattle City Council Woman Kshama Sawant and the resolution #31635 signed by members of the Seattle City Council on October 6, 2020 this dedication was made possible. Thanks to the City of Seattle and a special shout out to Stephanie Toliver for all her magnificent dedication and hard work.

Nana Kibibi


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