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A Bold Step Towards Gentrification Mitigation in Rainier Beach:Grand Opening of the Elizabeth Thoma

Join us on Thursday, September 21, 2023, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM as we celebrate the momentous occasion of the Elizabeth Thomas Homes building's unveiling. This family-friendly event promises an immersive experience featuring exhilarating activities, awe-inspiring entertainment, and guided tours inside the building. Immerse yourself in the innovative design that sets our homes apart from mere units, and witness the transformative power of affordable housing firsthand.

Ms. Elizabeth R. Thomas was inducted into the WA. St. Nurses Assoc. Hall of Fame in 2000. She was the first Black graduate of the Pediatric Nursing degree program at the University of Washington. A devoted member of the Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses organization, she was the Head Nurse at the Odessa Brown Clinic in the Central District, where she was dedicated to better health care for Black children and youth. She was appointed by Archbishop Murphy to lead the task force that rededicated the CCS-Black Family Center to the Black Community in the Central District, Seattle.

The FAME Equity Alliance of Washington is more than an organization; it is a force for change, actively advocating for equity and social justice in the housing sector. With an unwavering commitment to providing affordable housing solutions, FAME-EAW stands out from the rest, passionately working to uplift communities and establish sustainable living environments.

"We build homes, not just units," asserts FAME-EAW, as it challenges the status quo in the non-profit housing arena. By partnering with Pastor Anderson, FAME Church, and community partners, such as the Rainier Beach Action Coalition, FAME-EAW has constructed Elizabeth Thomas Homes to address the pressing issue of gentrification head-on. This development incorporates the groundbreaking "Community Preference Plan," empowering local residents to reclaim their neighborhoods and ensuring they remain vibrant and diverse.

To learn more about the FAME Equity Alliance of Washington and its vital work, visit their website at Together, we can create a lasting impact and forge a stronger, more inclusive community for all. FAME-EAW is under the umbrella of FAME Church, Seattle. FAME, First African Methodist Episcopal Church, is the oldest church founded by African Americans in the City. FAME-EAW holds co-ownership with Catholic Housing Services.

Thank you to our funders:

  • City of Seattle Office of Housing

  • State of Washington Department of Commerce

  • Washington State Housing Finance Commission – US Bank (tax credit investor)

  • Heritage Bank



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