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A Happy Birthday Tribute Happy Blessed 94th Birthday To Our Juneteenth Birthday Angel"

Mother Thresia June Flowers

Born: June 19th, 1928

She is a blessed unique special flower one of a kind an extraordinary, amazing, kind, caring and supportiveprecious angel. "Lord You Are So Good" You have blessed our Mother to be here with her family and friends for "94" years. She is a true and real beautiful Angel/Solider, a living example of a loving genuine heart. She's gracious, compassionate, gentle spirit patient, a precious jewel and a treasure to be with, be around and live with. Our Mother is a sweet inspiration. We are blessed to have a wonderful, lovable, adorable, enjoyable and exceptional "Angel". Down through the years our Mother has shared heartfelt love and goodness to all. Mother Flowers you are truly the best blessing ever imagined. We honor you Angel. We thank God for you. Have a very marvelous birthday. We love you so much and appreciate your love each and every day! Marico and family



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