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A Local Seattle Floristry Was Robbed

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An order of two dozen roses results in a stolen cash drawer.

On Saturday afternoon, Flowers Just 4 You was robbed.

Located at 701 23rd Avenue, Flowers Just 4 You has been serving the Central District community since 1984. Mary Wesley – the lead florist and owner of Flowers Just 4 You– recalls the incidents.

On Feb. 26, 2022, a man entered Flowers Just 4 You requesting Wesley to “make change,” Wesley said, “so he could catch the bus.” To which she said “we don’t make change.”

The man then requested to use the florist shop restroom. Wesley explained to the man that the store's restroom is not for public use.

According to Wesley, the man lingered around the store. He later ordered one dozen roses for his alleged girlfriend. Wesley then gathered the roses and wrapping material.

As Wesley wrapped the man’s roses, one of her friends entered the store to pick-up a flower arrangement for their church. The man tells Wesley’s friend that he was “going to grab his credit card from his car and would be back,” Wesley said.

The man returned with his credit card, then ordered a second dozen of roses. He allegedly began to stand behind the store's front counter, Wesley said.

After he handed Wesley his card, she began inputting his purchase information into her computer. According to Wesley, the man suddenly grabbed the cash drawer and ran out of the store.

In addition to the cash drawer, Wesley alleged two electronic devices– belonging to one of her employees– were stolen as well.

Shortly after the man ran out of the store she called the police. This was the first robbery Flowers Just 4 You experienced within their 38 years of business, Wesley said.

Wesley encourages other local businesses to purchase surveillance systems.

“Get some cameras because these people are bold,” Wesley said.

The alleged suspect has not been identified.

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SMH!! Dam shame!



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