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An International Affair

The Seattle Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made history last Sunday when the two teams played the first ever NFL game in Munich Germany. Tab the event as a week long party with a football game as part of the festivities. If there is one organization that knows how to throw a party it is the NFL. Fans from all over the USA and the world for that matter converged on Munich . Granted the majority of those fans were from either Seattle or Tampa Bay the Yankee spirit was in full effect. Each team had it it’s own official Germany team Bar. The team headquarters is were the faithful followers gathered and went to Herculean efforts to imbibe in the local libations. The Seahawks bar was located in the middle of a German plaza that was the size of Southcenter with a German Cathedral in the middle. The Catherdral had a golden clock with puppets that would pop in and out whenever the Cathedral bells would ring on the hour. The Seahawks faithful would stop, ooz , stare in amazement and take sole and group selfies. That is when they weren’t drinking or eating.

The game it’s self was one big concert with a football game in the middle. Allianz Stadium home of FC Bayern seated 45,000 spectators and it felt like twice that much due to the seating configurations. The seats were on inward incline making it seem like they were on top of the field. An optional illusion due to the incline. Music blared for the pregame activities . The halftime show was simply incredible. There was the customary light show, accompanied by dancers, singers who’s voices were sweet and melodic. The clearness of the sound system was out of this world. One could hear every word. A post game concert followed the game.

Speaking of the game? Give credit to the Seahawks for making a game of the contest. For some unknown reason the Hawks. Sleep walked through the first half and finally made a game of it in the second half only to see their valiant comeback effort fall short in a 21-16 loss to the Buccaneers . Despite losing the game the trip will be unforgettable for players and fans alike. Germany is a country like no other and same can be said for Munich. A city that held the historic 1972 Munich Olmpic games and was home to a concentration camp during the horrific days of the Holocaust. Munich now is a vibrant city with European style shops and high rise apartment buildings.