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Are We There Yet?You’ll Arrive When You Arrive. wow by Char

Are We There Yet?

You’ll Arrive When You Arrive.

The fight to reach the status of “arriving” is one that is killing more people than cancer. We all need to be loved, we all need to be seen, we all need to be respected, and we all need to be fulfilled. However, we have been bamboozled into the notion that we’re not enough; that we have to arrive at a certain level of success and notoriety to be worthy of these necessities. Mainstream culture promotes incompetent messaging of identity. In short, we are told that what we do equates to who we are. How many hours do you work? How much money do you make? What are you producing? Hussle Hussle Hussle! Work to the bone…. This mentality is dangerous to our health and well-being because it is unsustainable.

I recall riding in the car with my parents and three siblings. As commuters, it was as though they enjoyed driving a distance. They would tell us to get dressed with no other explanation; and don’t even try to ask them “why” because they’re automatic response was “because I said so”. They would shortly follow-up with “I’m sure you’ll love it, now come on!”. As children, curiosity easily creeped in. For that reason, frequently throughout these excursions one of us would brust with questions and ask “where are we going”. My dad would reply “crazy!”. Once we got to the destination, which we always tend to enjoy, heading back home seemed like a hassle.

At the time, I did not understand why my parents would take a long drive to briefly enjoy the destination and then turn around and return home. Today, I understand that on the other side of the distance there was a reward. It wasn’t just about reaching the status of ‘arriving”, but it was about remembering the distance and valuing the guarantee of returning back home.

Words of Wisdom by Char of The Week: You will arrive when you arrive. Don’t rush the process because there’s reward in the distance. Philippians 3:14



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