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Black Legacy Homeowners

Preserving The Protecting and Empowering Black Homeowners for Generations to Come. Join The Movement -

Building Strong Communities Unlocking Opportunities for Black Homeowners JOIN THE NETWORK Dedicated to empowering and supporting black homeowners in Seattle. Our mission is to provide resources, education, and support to help black homeowners achieve and sustain sustainable home- ownership. We believe that homeownership is a cornerstone of building strong communities and creating generational wealth. We are committed to addressing the unique challenges faced by black homeowners and promoting equitable opportunities for homeownership. We offer pathways to: Homeownership Preservation Explore options and resources to preserve your homeownership if you are facing foreclosure or po- tential loss of your home due to financial challenges or other issues. Community Building and Networking Discover how our community building and networking initiatives can bring black homeowners to- gether, fostering collaboration, information sharing, and mutual support for a stronger community. Resources for Homebuyers Get support and resources if you are interested in becoming a homeowner, including information on homebuyer assistance programs, workshops, and resources to navigate the homebuying process. Our Mission Discriminatory housing practices such as redlining and racially restrictive covenants have a long his- tory in the Seattle-Tacoma region. Become a part of our mission to empower and support black homeowners in Seattle. Sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social media, and join our community to stay updated on our latest resources, events, and success stories. JOIN THE MOVEMENT Resources for Homeowners, and Homebuyers Black Homeowners we are looking for you! As we continue to face record displacement and gentrifi- cation, our project seeks to bring us together and arm us with the tools and information to keep our homes. Predatory developers, bad loans, lack of capitol to make repairs, and prohibitive municipal codes, taxes or just family can lead to us losing our homes. Often times we don’t have the information about programs that can help us stay. Sign up now to become a member of our Black Homeowner Network and join us in saying WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED! Black Legacy Homeowners 2505 3rd Ave, STE 203, Seattle, WA, 98121 Nov. 29, 2023


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