Black on the Block Rally Gives Black Businesses Center Stage

Seattle, WA – The Africatown community invites you to the heart of Seattle’s Historically Black neighborhood for a community rally and teach-in in honor of Black Business Month and Black August, a Celebration of Freedom Fighters Past and Present.

The event is set to feature 200 Black-owned businesses at the commercial corridor of 23rd Avenue and S Jackson Street, giving the community the opportunity to celebrate and support their entrepreneurship.

As recent global economic factors influenced many to create alternative income streams, often out of necessity, it is the community’s blessing is to support these business initiatives as key to development of a thriving Black community.

Africatown also calls upon local and national government to invest in the Black businesses, which have suffered historic state sponsored violence, institutional discrimination and more recent underfunding in the wake of COVID-19.


Honor the legacy of those who have worked, sacrificed and contributed to the development of a thriving Black community in spite of these barriers;

Call on local government and stakeholders to invest directly in Black business development; and

Celebrate Black business brilliance and resilience by providing the vision of a new normal that includes thriving Black communities rooted in equity.

Sunday, August 29 1-7PM 23rd and Jackson, Central District