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Black Wall Street Event kicks of Africatown Summer of Soul Series on Memorial Day

Black Wall Street was a thriving African American business district in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the early 20th century. Despite facing discrimination and segregation, Black entrepreneurs and community leaders built a prosperous community that included banks, hotels, restaurants, and more. However, in 1921, this success was tragically cut short when a white mob attacked Black Wall Street, resulting in the destruction of hundreds of businesses and homes and the loss of countless lives. Unknown to most, the community was built back to greater prosperity after this act of terrorism. In commemoration of this, Honoring Our Black Wall Street event will celebrate the history of our vibrant communities and honor the resilience of the people who continue to build thriving businesses and communities in spite of the barriers they face that attempt to impede those efforts. Join us for an event equally filled with celebration, reflection, and inspiration as we honor the legacy of Black Wall Street and work towards building a brighter future for Black businesses in the Central District and Seattle. Honoring Our Black Wall Streets

Monday, May 29th, 1pm-7pm

23rd & Jackson


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