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How did the Seahawks and Russell Wilson get here? No one will really ever know unless a tell all book is written. Doubt either the Seahawks or Russell Wilson are interested in spending too much about how the trust and ultimately the love was lost . What we do know is that Seahawks traded their nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback to the Denver Broncos for a boat load of draft picks. The Seahawks sent Wilson who waived his no trade clause to the Broncos for two first round draft picks, two second drafts picks, players TE Noah Fant, DL Shelby Harris and a 5th round. The Seahawks sent 4th round pick to the Broncos.


Despite what many will say, the decision by both sides was not easy and a heat wrenching one.

The Seahawks gave up the heart and soul of their franchise for what might be. Wilson embodied a winner on and off the field. Wilson’s drive to improve each and every day was matched by head coach Pete Carroll. Like Wilson Carroll was committed and driven to winning.

So that is the question if the two were alike what happened. Why would Wilson give walk away from the community he so dearly loved? A community in which he invested his blood , sweat and heart.

The answer has to do with broken trust. Sure, the relationship between Carroll and Wilson has been waning the last several years. It was not personal as much as it was about business. The role of franchise quarterback has evolved in the last several years. Teams invest a majority of money on their franchise quarterback and expect high returns. The franchise quarterback gladly accepts the money , the pressure and asks for more control of the offense in return. The more control the quarterback wants the less reluctant the team is. Especially when there is no Superbowl to show for said investment.


With covetous eyes in the background the Seahawks and Wilson lost their way and in the end trust for each other. Wilson had two years left on his contract with a base salary of $19million and a $24 million cap-hit. The question for the Seahawks centered can you restructure you deal next year and trust us to take care of you. For Wilson it was more about okay fine, but will you make me the highest paid player in the NFL. While the Seahawks were mulling the question The Packers announced that they had reached a 4-year, $200 Million deal that made him the highest paid player in NFL History. Rodgers was guaranteed $153 million.

For the Seahawks that price was too high because that is where Wilson would start his contract depends once the negotiating began. So better to trade Wilson when you can get the most for him. And with that one of the greatest Seattle Sports Stars is gone.

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