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Celebrating the life of Cynthia Bascomb Jones

Cynthia's memorial September 17, 2021 at 11:00 AM, @

New Hope Baptist Church 124 - 21st Ave Seattle, WA 98122

Love Can Be Lonely 2

I entered this word, not knowing a word,

The ones I brought here were just Jibber,

I used my emotions, before I used y mind,

I now am a part of mankind,

There were expectations I didn't know about,

I learned to be be me, in me I was the best,

But I couldn't impress mankind, I just knew me,

I knew I wasn't a butterfly or a bee,

I just tried to spread my wings and be me,

But I soon found out even,

Love can be lonely 2

I am sure my smile, at times looked upside down,

I didn't get in the mirror, that day,

Forgive me, but you know what,

I still knew how to pray,

I have no regrets,

Love can be lonely 2

I leave you my spirit, leave you my heart,

If that brings you laughter,

Brings you a smile,

I have done my part,

For the time I was here...

L. Stanley Bascomb 7/27/2021