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COVID-19: Reopening Your Business

It's time to turn the lights back on, Seattle. Get support for reopening your business.

Phase 2: What does it mean?

King County has entered Phase 2 of Washington's Safe Start plan. Phase 2 allows certain businesses and activities to resume under strict public health and safety guidance. These businesses include manufacturing, construction, real estate, photography, pet grooming, in-home/domestic services (nannies, housecleaning, etc.), retail (in-store purchases allowed with restrictions), professional services/office-based businesses (telework remains strongly encouraged), personal services (hair and nail salons/barbers, tattoo, etc.), fitness and training studios (at 30 percent capacity or no more than 5 participants per session) and restaurants/taverns (at less than 50 percent capacity, table size no larger than five, and no bar-area seating).


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