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For I Shall Not Pass This Way Again

Fitzgerald Beaver - Founder The Pacific Northwest Facts Newspaper was honored by Graffiti and Community Mural Artist Desmond Hansen. ( 2765 E. Cherry Seattle WA )

I shall not pass this way but once, there for any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again.

I’m extremely proud of my community for looking back and honoring those who STOOD UP for the community until they had No Legs To Even Stand On... AND Yet There Still Standing .

I’m proud of The Facts Newspaper and the ability to remain a vehicle to inform, educate and advocate as a voice for the African American Community.

I’m so proud of Elizabeth Beaver (my mother) who works everyday , open to close , you can’t find anyone more Dedicated to the Dream and Legacy of Fitzgerald Beaver .

Im proud of Marla Beaver publisher of The Facts Newspaper , for her drive and tenacity . Fitzgerald would be proud of you for who you are in business and even more the individual you are as his daughter.

Marla what an amazing job having this Central District Community Landmarked remembered by mural and honoring our Father and Community Icon .

I Shall Pass This Way But Once, was a life mission statement of Fitzgerald Redd Beaver and yet his spirit continues to past this way still today even more ...

The good and kindness that you showed for the Seattle Central District Community and the people in it , continues to live , love and grows ... and that’s just THE FACTS .

As for me, I have a crown above my head that I’ve yet to grow into, footprints yet to fill, journeys and destinations yet to reach, victories and failures to experience and endure . More kindness to show .

Thank you for setting a path that has made my travels comfortable, even during uncomfortable terrain.

Happy Birthday Dad, you have past this way more then once ...

The Community Still Honors, Loves and Respects, Fitzgerald Beaver


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