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Happy Birthday Char WOW by Char

Date of Birth

The gift of another 

By Chardonnay Beaver

Tomorrow is my birthday. 

This past year of life has taught me the gift of another. 

The gift of another year. The gift of another month. The gift of another day. The gift of another chance. 

Oftentimes the word ‘another’ is treated as ordinary repetition. Consider the phrase, “another day, another dollar.” I’ve even viewed my birthday as ordinary repetition. But nothing is ordinary about another.’ 

Another implies addition, prosperity, increase, more than before. Another is a blessing. How we approach ‘another’, how we manage ‘another’, matters.

2023 humbled me tremendously. I was reminded daily of how small and fragile my plans are apart from God. I’m even grateful for the plans that did not go my way. Sometimes the unexpected is for our best interest. I began to embrace the shifting pace of life and transition. I’m more open-minded now than ever before. I valued how our purpose is coupled with our character – that we’ll only go as far as our character can sustain. I went outside my environment and tried new things. Growing in my faith made my life a lot more simple. God always showed me ‘another’ way.

‘Another’ birthday is a gift we don’t get to choose. Whether celebrated low- or high-key, your life is worth acknowledging. Our time and lives are not our own. ‘Another’ is a blessing that requires greater responsibility as well. This is most evident when transitioning into adulthood. Another bill, another job, another demand. However, don’t allow the ‘anothers’ of life to turn your blessings into burdens.

This year I’m basking in the ‘anothers.’

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week:Reserve time for appreciation. We become what we think; thus, thoughts of gratitude can cultivate a life of value. Remain hopeful for the ‘anothers’ of life, and steward them well. Psalm 23