HAPPY HOLIDAYS SENIOR HAPPY HOLIDAYS SENIORS One of my favorite Christmas songs is by Judy Garland and it's pretty perfect right now. It says "Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Make the yuletide gay, Next year all our troubles will be miles away." Things are getting better they really are and we as seniors have so much we can be grateful for. To prove it, I am going to give you five life changing things that are happening right now.

1. In just ten months from the first COVID-19 case, two vaccines that our local scientists helped create and test have been approved as safe and are being distributed. This accomplishment is both historic and for seniors, it's a life saver.

2. Both national and state government officials are setting up vaccine distribution guidelines that will insure seniors are close to the top of the list +and one of the first groups eligible.

3. In the meantime if we take care of ourselves and are careful maybe we can beat the Coronavirus. If you think you have been exposed go to one of the free testing sites. I have a friend in Las Vegas. He is in his sixties and about a week ago thought he just had a cough but when he lost his sense of taste he went to a test site and found out he was positive. He is isolating and on the mend. He says it was scary but he is glad he took it seriously. If he can do it we can do it.

4. It looks like the second pandemic relief package will be completed in time for us to receive a second stimulus check by the end of the year. If you are earning less than $75K a year you will be receiving a $600 check hopefully before New Year's Eve.

5. The Georgia election for two State Senators closes and will be decided on January 5. But vote by mail is open and the votes are pouring in. Across the nation people are donating to the two Democrat candidates Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Even $10 helps them. Republicans are flooding the state with money. It's so important to seniors to win those two Senate seats and balance the Senate. We could stop the attacks on Obama Care, we could make Social Security safe and so much more.

See, I told you, there are good things happening right now. My holiday wish for you is "Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Make the yuletide gay, Next year all our troubles will be miles away."