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Health with Dr. Tony Hemphill, DC  

Relieving Anxiety & Stress   Anxiety & Stress comes in many forms and affects each of us differently. This current pandemic has created a great deal of stress & anxiety for many of us. It can also be created & affected by everyday life. Many people feel the effects of stress physically, even if the root cause isn’t physical. Social, emotional and mental stress can cause symptoms of pain, inflammation and restricted movement—very similar to symptoms created by physical stress.   Exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety, physical, mental and emotional stress, and regular exercise, even just a walk around the block or your office, will help reduce stress in daily life.  

A proper diet that is well-balanced nutritionally can help reduce physical stresses such as obesity and high blood pressure.  

No matter where the stress/anxiety is coming from, a visit to your chiropractor or family doctor can help reduce pain, inflammation and difficulty moving. An adjustment to improve your spinal health will also help the body’s nervous system function at its best.  

Proper sleep is important for stress/anxiety management. Most adults need an average of seven to nine hours of sleep each night. While stress can affect your sleep, a good bedtime routine, including falling asleep at the same time each night and waking at the same time each morning, will help you get the quality and quantity of sleep you need.  

People respond to stress/anxiety differently, and there may be a variety of relief therapies and techniques that work for you!  



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