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Highland Park Way SW closed from SW Holden St to W Marginal Way due to landslide and power outages

SDOT advises people who drive, walk, and bike in this area to find alternate routes.

Seattle (January 7, 2022) – Due to the landslide and power outages, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) closed Highland Park Way SW from SW Holden St to W Marginal Way SW to all members of the public. The road and sidewalk should be reopened once Seattle City Light (SCL) and SDOT Crews verify that the area is safe to travel through. SDOT advises people who drive, walk, and bike in this area to find alternate routes.

For travelers heading into West Seattle, West Marginal Way SW remains an option to get to the northern end of West Seattle via the Chelan 5-way intersection. Alternatively, drivers could consider taking the Myers Way/White Center exit from southbound SR 509 to access the southern part of West Seattle via SW Roxbury St. For travelers heading out of West Seattle, SW Roxbury St and West Marginal Way SW, will also remain open for drivers.

SDOT and Seattle City Light (SCL) crews are working around the clock to respond to the hazard, clear debris from the streets, and safely repair wires so that the road can be reopened to travelers.

If you need to drive, please obey all traffic signs and follow detour routes, police directions, or find alternate routes. Notifications and travel advisories will be shared as streets reopen or conditions change.

Here are some tips to follow to ensure the safety of you and others:

  • Be aware of your surroundings when walking, cycling, rolling, or driving. Falling trees can cause outages and impact traffic signals. Please travel slow and keep alert!

  • If you approach an intersection where traffic signals are off, treat it like an all way stop. Come to a full stop and take turns going through the intersection, keeping an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists to ensure everyone can get to where they’re going safely.

  • With rain and melted snow over the past few days, keep your neighborhood safe and accessible for all. If a drain is blocked, clearing a clogged gutter will reduce rainwater buildup that otherwise causes flooding.

  • Remember to stay away from downed power lines. If you do encounter downed power lines, call SCL at 206-684-3000. Check for branches that are cracked or brushing against power lines in your neighborhood, if you find any, contact their vegetation management.

  • Notice a fallen tree or other debris blocking streets or sidewalks? Our Crews are ready to go. Contact our 24-hour dispatch Crews at 206-386-1218.

The SDOT’s Travelers Map shows the latest street and bridge closures and shares camera feeds to monitor condition. The map is available at Also, you can find up to date traffic information on the SDOT Traffic twitter handle: SDOT Traffic (@SDOTtraffic) / Twitter.

King County Metro will keep riders informed of transit impacts by sending email and texts to route subscribers, and posting updates on Twitter.



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