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In Loving Memory of Clifford A. Miller

Clifford Al Miller was born on June 14, 1954, through the union of Elijah Sr. and Queen Esther Miller, in St. Louis Missouri. Well known in the church arena as a power- ful preacher and singer, Bro. Miller attend- ed faithfully and was a former Minister at Zion United House of Prayer. Cliff also ministered on the streets and was a featured soloist in the group, “A Moment in Time”, where he performed at the Pike Place Market. Cliff has left to cherish their memories his oldest sister Irene Tolbert, sister Ruth Es- ther Tice, his brother Fredrick Miller, and his brother Undra Neno Miller. He leaves his son Mija Allen, daughters Marie Haulcy, Marlo Haulcy, and Denise Johnson, sons Al Haulcy and Elijah Mason-Miller, his God-Daughter Amyla King, his long- time friend and partner in the end Janett, as well as a whole host of Grands, Nephews, Nieces and Friends. We will miss him!

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You were such a nice man. I remember you being so welcoming when my family and I came to Zion United House of Prayer. Rest in Love Bro Miller. Your kind soul will be missed.

❤️ Always,

Pepper Riggins aka Joyce's daughter aka Mother Florence's Granddaughter


Irene tolbert
Irene tolbert
03 nov. 2023

Fly high little brother I will miss our time on the phone laughing and talking now all I can say See you later

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hey i’m daja marlo’s daughter i never got a chance to meet you