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In Loving Memory of Jamezz Johnson

On November 29th, 2000, Jamezz Johnson, was welcomed into world and into the arms of Jilnelya and James. Unbeknownst to either of them, Jamezz was born with a natural talent that would prove itself on any football field. Give him a football and the rest was history! His multi-position capability led to multiple championships and right into the eyes of scouts. His undeniable talent placed him in a position to receive several college offers, a dream come true. Although, he ate, slept and breathed football, Jamezz's interest didn't stop there. Music became another promising avenue for success. His ability to be a big brother on and off of the field was a role he loved and exemplified well. His willingness to help anyone was second nature and did not go unnoticed. Don't let Jamezz walk into your home and your garbage was full, this child would poliety march into the kitchen, tie it up and take it to the dumpster, no questions asked. A true representation of his upbringing and an example for our youth.

On July, 22nd, 2020, Jamezz's life was prematurely taken from his family and the community. His untimely demise has left the ones who loved him, mourning and in a disbelief state-of-mind



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