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In Loving Memory of LaFayette Patterson, Jr.

LaFayette Patterson, Jr. was born August 7, 1942, to the union of LaFayette Patterson, Sr. and Sallie M. (Hopkins) Patterson, in Jonesville, South Carolina.

A few days before our beloved brother passed away, in his own way gave his Final Commands….”Good-bye to his loving daughter, Renissa C. Patterson and his grandson, Aleyxander Patterson of Dallas, TX”. He sent to his beautiful Aunt Janie (Hopkins) Colston, Seattle, WA; Loving brother Walter Patterson, Seattle, WA; sisters Betty Elizabeth (Patterson) Morris, Seattle, WA; Sharon Patterson, Los Angeles, CA; Peggy (Cheatham) Kendrix, Seattle, WA; Debora Cheatham, Seattle, WA, a passionate “I LOVE YOU ALL …. Goodnight!” LaFayette ‘Pat’ Patterson, Jr leaves a host of nephews, nieces, great nephews/nieces, and cousins. We Salute with HONOR and LOVE to our big brother, LaFayette Patterson Jr resting in peace From his best friend and confidant, Scott shared this with the family, Throughout his career, Pat can be best described as a thoughtful pioneer. This mind set exposed Pat to life and job experiences that enriched his own life and those around him beyond measure. His early years in the U.S. Navy Submarine Service qualified Pat to operate a S5W nuclear reactor and acquire skills necessary for special operations. Pat put his technical systems knowledge and special operations and management skills to good use in assisting in the management of Seattle Seafair activities and on into the field of Law Enforcement. Pat was a systems designer and innovator supporting agencies throughout the US for over 35 years. This included Washington, Michigan, and Florida to name a few. He designed and integrated technological systems for law enforcement personnel. Pat specialized in simulator systems design, training and logistical and bio-metric assessment focusing on the decision-making process and the actions taken relative to the inappropriate use of deadly force. Through the bio-metric monitoring of law enforcement personnel, Pat's systems saved the lives of several officers who unknowingly had severe untreated heart issues. Orlando, FL was his final home-base to complete his career. His last move brought him to Dallas, TX and under the care of his daughter, Renissa C. Patterson and grandson Aleyxander Patterson. With the support of his Aunt Janie and loving sisters and brother in Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA.



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