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In Loving Memory of Octavia Franks Melbert

Octavia Franks Melbert was born September 11, 1949 and was called home July 21, 2021.

Octavia was known for many things. First she was a devoted daughter, protective sister, and warrior mother to her children and a wife for forty years. Octavia would feed the entire neighborhood and stand eye to eye with anyone.

In the early 80-90's she was known for being Big Jenny. That meant she was a mother figure to many. Octavia commanded your attention, just by her presence. In return she gave you her love, and opinion (often not warranted), and place to call home.

Her move to Seattle didn't stop her from still being willing to help anyone. Octavia's grandchildren said she had the best tea to spill. Lol.

Her desire was to come back home and she did, when she moved to Killeen, TX. Along with her frequent phone calls and visits to her loved ones in Oakdale, LA and Seattle WA

Now she's resting in a place of no judgment and peace. She's watching and listening to us all. Saying tell my story the right way. Smile, laugh, listen to music, and wipe your neighbors tears away.

Funeral Services will be held in Oakdale, Louisiana on July 31, 2021 at Goodwill Church.


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