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In Loving Memory of Oscar D. Edwards Sr.

Oscar DeClaude Edwards Sr. was born to Mary Magdaline Oatis on October 3rd, 1964 in Seattle, Wa. He grew up in the Central District. Oscar attended Leschi, Madrona, Eckstein, and graduated from Garfield High School, attending Wenatchee and even was leader in the platoon while enlisted within the marines. At the age of 18 Oscar got into the carpenters union and continued until his homegoing (a skill which was taught to his sons) .

Oscar was not only a great father but everyone who knew him also knew he was an amazing football player and coach. Oscar started his football career with CAYA at the early age of 7 he started “taking peoples helmets apart.” His favorite positions were half back, linebacker, and free safety. He went on to play as a bulldog at his alma mater where he and his boys took metro no less than two years in a row.

After highschool he went to play semi pro for a local football team. He coached his boys Malachi and Oscar through their glory years of football and was a distant father and mentor to other ibhchildren on the teams.

Oscar was a loving husband and devoted family man who put God and family first and had very close friends that became brothers. Married to the beautiful and beloved Kimberly Freeman for 28 years. They gave birth to four children, Oscar Jr, Sarabia, Malachi, and Caleb. Helping raise nieces and nephews, that he loved as his own.

He was the life of the party and had a voice to stop traffic, with a tone that would silence the room.

The great almighty, The most high called him home on August 21st, 2021. We need not believe he has unfinished business because when God says it's time it devine and it's the right time.



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