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In Loving Memory of Robert Earl Williams

Robert was born March 13, 1947 in Seattle, Washington to his parents, Calvin Williams Sr. and Valena Downs Williams. He is the fourth child and third son. His parents preceded him in death.

Robert attended Washington Middle School and he graduated from Garfield High, where he played basketball and later received a scholarship to play at Eastern Washington University. The Seattle Sonics was interested in him to be a part of their team.

While attending school, Robert worked for Welch's Hardware store and Collins Playfield, which was the start of his career with the Seattle Parks Department.

During his time at Eastern, he had a position coaching the area youth in basketball. He loved basketball and he enjoyed teaching and training. He made basketball drills a priority in learning to play the game.

After he left Eastern, when his dad became ill and passed, he worked at High Point Community Center. He introduced a movie program, adding to other activities at the park.

He worked at the Magnolia Community Center before being transferred to Rainier Playfield and Community Center where he managed the schedule and the finances for the park department.

Robert lived his life using Christ as his example. He was active in Greater Revival Church of God in Christ, under the guidance of Elder Luther Green Jr. and Mother Louise Green and later with Pastor Nathaniel Green of New Life Ministries COGIC.

Robert worked as a deacon and assisted in church worship services. He was a Superintendent of the Sunday School and he managed the church finances.

Robert leaves his five children: Lashaunda Ryles (David), Robin Williams, Sonelle Gibson, Kellen Williams (Natalia) and Marc Williams. His eight grandchildren: De'Cenio Wakgira, De'Shon Williams, Mekhi Edwards, Jaiden Williams, Jonah Gibson, Skye Kizart, Kinsey Kizart and Kellyn Riley Williams. His two brothers, Calvin Williams Jr., Louis A. Williams and his faithful friend and our adopted brother, Robert Howard Williams, his sister, Odessa V. Gardner. Many nieces and nephews who loved him and he helped them in training for a life with Christ.

We are grateful and appreciate the care that was given to Robert. Robert spent his last fifteen years at Washington Care Center. He helped and prayed with many of all faiths. He was called Mr. Faithful. He was a loyal and faithful believer following Jesus Christ. He believed in praising the Lord and trusting in the Lord and he told all that you must wait on the Lord.

Dr. Yang at Harborview Medical Center gave us hope. She helped us as much as she could. She let Robert and I (Odessa) know that she cared and had concerns.

Robert will be missed by his family. He was a great mentor'for all of us. Robert Earl Williams A

True Man Of God!

Robert Earl was a truly dedicated lover of the Lord, God was the number one priority in his life. God was always on his mind, from the time he would awaken in the morning until when he would lay down to rest at night. Truly Jesus was always on his mind through the course of a day! Anyone that had the opportunity to speak with Robert on a one-on-one concerning the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, was truly destined to be informed. He would let us know that God loved us all unconditionally!

One of Robert's favorite sayings was: "Wait upon the Lord and He shall renew your strength". He would say "Wait I say, I said wait upon the Lord!"

Robert was a man of many talents. Rob was a great teacher; he was a writer, and he was a poet. Rob had much-unfinished work that magnified our father which art in Heaven!

Robert loved his family; he loved his friends. They all helped him along the way in many areas of his life. Robert was grateful to all that was a blessing in his life. Rob thanked God for it all, he has the HIGHEST PRAISE OF HALLELUJAH. He always made sure that he stayed on God's side.

Robert would say to us all "Make a choice, get results in righteousness, choose to walk in God's ways."

I was expecting to have more time, concerning being much closer in my brother's life. I did not expect him to be going home to be with the Lord so soon, so I am saying to each and everyone, "Anything you have in mind to do concerning your loved ones, DO IT NOW, LOVE ONE ANOTHER". This is what God wants us to do START NOW AND DO IT, while there is still opportunity. LOVE ONE ANOTHER! These things are things that would have put a smile on Rob's face. These things would have, and these things are still pleasing to God.

Big Bro

C.J. Calvin Williams

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Myna Brown
Myna Brown
Mar 19, 2021

Robert was the head of Highpoint Community Center when I volunteered there. RIP and may the family have peace,,,,,LOVE AND HUGS... Myna Brown



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