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In Loving Memory of Sharon Lolita Williams

Sharon Lolita Williams

Sunrise August 31, 1943 -Sunset September 18, 2021

Sharon Lolita Williams was born to Robert and Alto Mosley in Scarborough, West Virginia. She moved to Seattle in 1950 and attended Seattle Area schools. She had Luchia Selest Bourgeois Williams McAdory and later married Donald Williams Sr to their union they had Donald Jr and Eric Williams. She was the first black woman to get licensed as a cab driver, join the bartenders union, and metro trolley driver in which she later retired. She had a bright fearless bold and loving personality. There was nothing she would not do for her family.

Services will be held on September 30, 2021, at 10:30 am at New Hope Baptist Church. 124 21st Ave . Seattle,Wa 98122

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Laura Tuinstra
Laura Tuinstra
05 oct. 2021

She was like my mom. She took me in at 14 years old. Her son Eric and I where expecting a baby. Her grandson Rommell. ♥ I'm so glad I got to see her a few years ago. Love you Ma...for taking in this lite white girl.. never judged me. She treated me with respect and taught me about honesty, and honor. I will never forget you. Love always, "Angle" Laura



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