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In Loving Memory of Vera McMillan-Jimerson

Vera McMillan-Jimerson was born on July 10, 1961, to the union of Myrlie Weems Sr. and Carrie Polk Weems in Portland, Oregon. She was proudly the seventh child of the family. Vera was a vibrant woman, full of compassion. She had an incredible knack for inspiring people through truth-telling. She was the epitome of “saying what you mean and meaning what you say.” For her sons, she was the lioness that taught them to Roar! She was fierce, reflective, courageous, and wise. Vera made a lasting impression on the lives of those she worked with at the West Seattle School District, where she was employed for more than 20 years. Vera is survived by her Mother, Carrie Polk Weems; three sons: Dontae McMillan, Dominic McMillian (Latricia), and Jonathan Jimmerson, Jr.; nine grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, five siblings, and a host of loving nieces, nephews, God-children and church family.



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