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Jenny A. Durkan Statement on the Inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President and Kamala Harris

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan Statement on the Inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President and Kamala Harris as the First Woman and First African-American and South Asian-American Vice President of the United States

Seattle (January 20, 2021) – Mayor Jenny A. Durkan issued the following statement on the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President of the United, States.

“Today’s inauguration is an inspiring historic moment for our country and a complete repudiation of the last four years. President Trump did enormous damage to our country, splintered our communities, and undermined almost every institution of our Democracy. But in the end, he did not and could not succeed in his goals. The promise of America is too enduring, and the flame of hope too bright.

“Today we begin to heal, as Joe Biden is sworn in as President and Kamala Harris becomes the first woman and also the first African-American and South Asian-American, sworn in as Vice President of the United States.

“Today, we can breathe a sigh of relief. We have lived through one of the most divisive times as a country. It culminated in a raging insurrection led, astonishingly, by our commander-in-chief, who chose himself over his country, and our constitution. As we turn the page on this presidency, we must remember that before we can have reconciliation, we must have truth and accountability for these actions.

“We also must acknowledge and begin to address the deep and painful truths that this era has laid bare. There is no denying the enduring and generational impacts of racial inequity. It is our duty as individuals, and as a nation, to recommit ourselves to that challenge, to continue to build the more perfect union. It will take time, truth, and a deep commitment from each of us to heal divisions.

“However, the hopeful implications of this moment cannot be overstated: we now have a federal partner working with us to restore our communities and ensure that America is working for everyone. As we finally mourn the lives lost, our national public health response to COVID-19 will be driven by science and not politics. Our economic recovery will bring real relief to workers, small businesses, and communities across the country, regardless of partisan persuasion.

“Our challenges remain great. The months ahead will be hard. But none of the challenges are greater than our nation and our collective efforts. I look forward to working with the Biden-Harris administration, over the next year, to bring true relief and opportunity to Seattle residents.”



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