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Kibibi Monié's "Take a Knee" Highlights Pain of Racism, Promotes True Liberty and Justice for All

Our new storytelling project, Seattle Histories, highlights the places, people, and events that have shaped the history of Seattle’s communities. Each piece, created and told by community members, emphasizes experiences, communities, and stories that have not been prioritized in mainstream media or have been left out of the historical narrative. For her submission, Kibibi Monié shares a poem that underscores the pain, violence, and denial of our racist history. Monié is a Seattle native and Executive Director of Nu Black Arts West Theatre. She wrote, directed, and performed her first play at the Neighborhood House in Yesler Terrace at the age of nine and grew up performing at prominent Black venues throughout Seattle.

Read more about Monié and watch her video on the Front Porch Blog.



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