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McKinney Center Names Shaudé Moore as Chief Executive Officer

Moore will lead the revitalization of the six-story building as a critical community hub

SEATTLE – Shaudé Moore has been named the first CEO at the McKinney Center for Community and Economic Development, Gerald Bradford, president of the Central District Community Preservation and Development Authority (CDCPDA) announced today.

Moore has served on the CDCPDA board as vice president and secretary since its inception in 2020. She is the youngest Black woman to hold a position on the board, and one of the few young Black women holding an executive leadership role in the community. Moore will start her new position on August 1, taking over the day-to-day leadership of the McKinney Center.

“No one has more passion and dedication for seeing McKinney Center returned to its full value in serving and revitalizing our community,” said Bradford. “Shaudé brings the right skills, expert experience and the effective leadership that McKinney Center needs at this pivotal moment. The board has a strong vision for this building, we are confident Ms. Moore is the right person to help execute it.”

Moore is a Sr. Global Program Manager at Amazon Web Services, involved with diversity hiring and leadership. She also serves as the executive chair of the Seattle/King County MLK Jr. Organizing Coalition, an all-volunteer and grassroots organization that annually plans the community's largest tribute to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Moore has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services; received a Master of Business Administration in 2016 (MBA) and is completing her final months as a postgraduate student at City University of Seattle working to receive her Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership.

“The McKinney Center is close to my heart. I will bring every bit of my skill, experience and energy to raising up the McKinney Center to once again be a beacon and a resource for the community,” said Moore. “We have been given a gift in this building and it is my mission and the mission of the board to see that it is fully restored to its highest use for the community.”

Moore will actively work with the CDCPDA board to raise about $30 million to renovate the building and begin turning the board’s vision for the center into reality by welcoming business and community resources into the space.

About Shaudé Moore

Moore has worked at Amazon Web Services as a Sr. Global Program Manager for nine years. She is president of Amazon’s Black Employee Network (BEN) at their headquarters in Seattle, Washington. She is vice president of Women at Amazon (Seattle Chapter), and the Global Vice President of Amazon Women in Security (AWIS).

About the McKinney Center

The McKinney Center is located at 2120 S. Jackson St. in Seattle’s traditionally African American cultural hub – The Central District. It was previously the Seattle Opportunity Industrialization Center and Seattle Vocational Institute. The six-story building and property is owned outright by the CDCPDA. The board plans to renovate and rent space to both market rate commercial tenants, and to community-based businesses and services. Built in 1974, the McKinney Center will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.

About Rev. Samuel B. McKinney

Rev. McKinney was pastor of Seattle's Mount Zion Baptist Church from 1958 until he retired in 1998. In 1966 he co-founded the Seattle Opportunity Industrialization Center (SOIC), a nonprofit, community-based vocational training center, and served as its first president and chief executive officer.

Central District

Gentrification and the mass exodus of community organizations, businesses, and institutions from the historically African American neighborhood has devastated the community. Renovating and revitalizing the McKinney Center is one step toward restoring communities in the Central District.


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