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New “988 Lifeline – There Is Hope!” license plate emblem can save lives

Veterans advocates, mental health experts, and state agencies convened this week to reveal a new license plate emblem available for Washington drivers: “988 Lifeline – There is Hope!”. Emblem funds support veteran suicide prevention efforts.

Washingtonians are invited to purchase a new license plate design to support suicide prevention. The new “988 Lifeline – There Is Hope!” license plate emblem was unveiled Tuesday by the state departments of Licensing and Veterans Affairs and Health. The new plate costs $18 and proceeds support veteran suicide prevention efforts.

Nearly one in five veterans lives with post-traumatic stress disorder, and veterans are lost to suicide disproportionately. Approximately 125,000 American veterans have been lost to suicide since 2001.

Gov. Jay Inslee accepted a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) challenge two years ago with a goal to reduce veteran suicides. Establishment of the 9-8-8 veteran support option and public awareness campaigns may let veterans know they have someone to call in a moment of crisis. Purchase and display of the new license plate may save a life.



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