Nu Black Arts West Theatre and the (H.C.A.A.C.D.), hosting a short tribute and dedication

Nu Black Arts West Theatre and the Historical Central Area Arts Cultural District (H.C.A.A.C.D.) are hosting a short tribute and dedication ceremony in memory and honor of Mr. Douglas Q. Barnett the founder and Executive Director of the original Black Arts West Theatre. Hello Black Arts West Theatre friends and family.  I pray that all is good and going well for you and your loved ones.  I'm pretty sure most of you are aware that Mr. Douglas Q Barnett a Seattle-light and the founder of Black Arts West Theatre transitioned a year ago on October 22, 2019.  To honor him and the original Black Arts West Theatre formally located between 34th and 35th on Union street from 1969 to 1980. Due to some diligent collective efforts from City Council member Swant, members of NBAWT and members H.C.A.A.C.D. the block has been renamed and is now Douglas Q. Barnett Street. We sincerely welcome your presence to this presentation honoring Mr. Douglas Q Barnett and his contribution to the city of Seattle where he was born.  Doug introduced us to black theater that enriched and educated our community to the black experience and excellence of black theater.   His vision is what showed us the power of live theatrical stage performances.  A special unique experience that we've due to him enjoyed here in Seattle Washington.  Seattle, owes  Mr. Barnett a huge debt of gratitude for the opportunities he provided Seattle performers, singer, dancers, directors, costumers, stage hands, grant writer, set designers, paid jobs for youth and adults, audiences with an opportunity the experience  quality black productions.  This was and still is especially  important to black audiences and performers today.  We were taught professional skills in stage theory theater that gave us a voice and platform to express our selves artistically.  " Dream on Monkey was one of the most success productions mountain." was just one of many, many productions that lifted our black pride and self identity.  This salute to Mr. Barnett and the oldest African American Theater company in the Pacific Northwest is way past due in coming.  Please join us as we salute a leader that will never be forgotten. Let's honor his legacy by attending this brief ceremony, dedicated to the legacy of excellence in black theater productions here in Seattle.  Face-mask and distancing  will strictly be enforced. Due to the pandemic we will create a short streamed presentation of this event to be shared in the near future via Zoom.  This is being made so that  friends, families and supporters that are not here in Seattle and are located across the United States can celebrate and salute the memory of BAWT and Mr. Douglas Q Barnett also.  The filming and airing of this tribute is courtesy of Treanna Holiday and ConvergeMedia. So please don't forget this Wednesday @ 3:30p.m. November 25th at 1404 34th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122. Let's celebrate BLACK ARTS past and present together. Executive Director of Nu Black Arts West Theatre Kibibi Monié