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PENUEL Gloria Jean Polk


By Pastor Gloria Jean Polk

C - CALLING on the name of Jesus every day, every night with all diligence and in complete faith!

O - OPENING the doors of life to praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST, even in the face of hard trails and tribulations!

M - MOVING the obstacles of burdens out of my life with the word of God and continually praising and adoring him, as they go!

M - MAKING every second of m day cunt for the LORD JESUS CHRIST, that men, women, boys, and girls will know that JESUS LIVES! He Lives in ME!

I - INLAING the deep crevices of m heart with the balm of Gilead, JESUS CHRIST, the WORD, and the BLOOD of JESUS that heals and restores all wounds and hurts that come my way,

T - TEARING down the strongholds of Satan in m life that are sent to stop my witness.

T - TESTIFYING to my unsaved loved ones of all the goodness of JESUS CHRIST and what he has done for me, now his child.

E - Enduring all for the sake and the name of JESUS CHRIST for he has promised that the man who endures until the end shall be SAVED!

D - DOING all that God has put into m hands to do and DYING out to MY WILL and DIRECTING the lost and dying in my family and abroad to the bleeding side of Calvary to Jesus Christ Savior and Lord.

Jesus the Rock Ministries, PO Box 46516, Seattle, WA 98146

Prayer Line: (206) 941-0468



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