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Player of the week James T “ Duke” Scott Jr. of Franklin High / Seahawks Season Opener


In an effort to acknowledge the dedication, determination an unwavering commitment to being a student, scholar and exceptional human being the FACTS NEWSPAPER give out a weekly award.

This Weeks Winner is James T “ Duke” Scott Jr. of Franklin High School.

The former Odea Irish player traded the crimson and gold uniform for the green and white quaker colors. Unfortunate for the Irish and paydirt for the Quaker. Duke had 17 carries for 163 and scored two touchdowns in the Quakers record busting win. The Quakers 19-0 win over Black Hills of Olympia snapped an 8-year 52 game losing streak.

When asked why he would Franklin over Odea after two years James T “ Duke “ answered like any noble Duke would. “ I know a lot of players on the team, and they told me how they kept on losing and I wanted to help them win. ‘ When did all this empathy and loyalty to friends begin for the Duke?

“He was three years old, and we had all these balls, and he threw this ball so hard, and it hit the windowpane so loud I had to take him outside so he could play. He had a big smile on his face, and I could see he loved football. His personality is his greatest assets. His demeanor is one of a true leader. “ James T Scott Sr said of his son who no doubt is set to lead the Quakers to their best prep season in years .

Seahawks Prepare For Season Opener

The Seattle Seahawks are just five days away from their 2021 season opening game at Indianapolis. That sigh of relief you might have hear if you were around from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. What’s that you say? The Seahawks in the nick of time renegotiated the contract of All- Pro Left Guard Duane Browne. Yes, the Duane Brown that has Wilson backside on pass plays. And if you remember way back when in what seems like decades but is a couple of months Wilson was allegedly demanding a trade and an upgrade to the offensive line. The Seahawks signed right guard Gabe Jackson to improve the line and thought all was good with Wilson. Just when the Seahawks and Wilson were playing nice in the Sandbox during training camp news broke out that Browne was executing a sit in.

The chic thing to do these days in the NFL if you want your current contract negotiated you execute a sit in. IN a “ SIT IN “ you attend practices go through team walk throughs , film study and positional meeting but you do not participate in the physical drills. You protect yourself from injury and the team cannot fine you . Yesterday word came out that an agreement had been reached between the Seahawks and Brown who would be ready to start on Sunday at the Indianapolis. Now you can understand why Wilson is getting good night sleeps this week and preparing the team for another Superbowl run.

The Duke Shines