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Rose Kreider Productions is taking Seattle by storm

Rose Kreider, who started her production company while filming her first feature film, The Woman in January 2022 has high hopes for her two films that have gone international, as well as all her future films. Rose is a female filmmaker born and raised in Kirkland, WA always knew she'd end up in a creative space. She began modeling and acting in 2020 and had he first film premiere in March 2022 with The Woma, her drama feature and that quickly became a worldwide success. The Woman is streaming on 20 different platforms including Tubi TV and is available in 55 countries. Her second film, A Room by the Road, a short indie film completely opposite of her fun-loving family style movie, The Woman. ARBTR is a crime/thriller ad features some top-notch actors out of the PNW. 

Rose has taken a break in 2023 with filmmaking and has only produced one movie that is set to release in December 2023 called Wish You Well, which is a short drama-comedy that was filmed in downtown Seattle at Golden Gardens Beach and the downtown Seattle waterfront at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Rose Kreider Productions has plans in 2024 to offer equipment, renting services where there will be a couple of package options which includes Rose as the Director, including her equipment to rent as one solid price, or renting her equipment under Rose Kreider Productions. She is excited about the future of her production company. She is also announcing exclusively here that she is planning on making her first Christmas film rendition of a classic Christmas story in 2024. More to come on that. Please follow her on Instagram @rosekreider or on


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