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Seahawks End Preseason On High Note

You had to see this one coming. After two disastrous preseason losses the Seattle Seahawks well all in their last preseason game against the Los Angeles Chargers. The outcome was a crowd pleasing 27-0win. Don’t get me wrong here. No insinuation that the coaches were not happy. They were. Here is what head coach Pete Carroll said in his post-game media conference.

“After the first couple of games, we kind of forgot about how we can play around here, and the guys really did a nice job tonight. We didn’t change the approach in who played and all that, with a few exceptions. It was just a really nice effort. Defense did great, and we mixed the run game with the passing game the way we like to. It was just a nice solid football game for us”

Ahh fair enough coach. Winning 27-0 is a solid indication that one team played well and the other ? Well not so much. If your question is now what, we’ll let me give break it down for you. Short version so don’t worry. The Seahawks currently have 80 players on their roster and will have trimmed that down to 53 to meet the NFL’s mandate. The deadline was yesterday at 1pm. You will need to wait till next week to read who the team retained and waived. In addition to the 53 player roster the

Seahawks have a 16-player practice squad list to their disposal. How does that work you ask? If a player is waived by an NFL, he must clear waivers before the team that waived him can resign him. So, the roster game by all NFL teams is trying to figure out which player can you release and have him clear waivers? See if you make the wrong choice said player could be picked up by another team. Now we are not talking about the first 44 players on a team’s roster. Most teams know who their starters and first backup are. So, it’s about those six to ten players I know the math does not add up here just stick with me. Those nine to ten spots can make or break a team given it is a 17-game season.


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