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Seahawks Fooling No One In Dismal 15-17 Loss To The Washington Football Team

Simply put the Seahawks have lost their way on offense. The NFL world is acutely aware of the Seahawks third down woes. We get it is difficult for the Seahawks and any NFL team to continually convert on third. While perfection is rarely achieved consistency and being on the positive end of the chains will get keep most team competitive and chasing a playoff berth. The Seahawks are neither. A dismal 15 to 17 loss to the Washington Football team in front of a National television audience served as exhibit A. In the lost to the Washington Football the Seahawks scored two touchdowns had one fumble and punted the ball seven times. The offense generated 34 rushing yards and converted 4 of 12 third downs.

Despite the dismal offensive showing the Seahawks some how managed to march down main street and scored a touchdown with 22 seconds left in the game . The Wilson to Freddie Swain a touchdown play cut the home sides lead to just two points. Wilson looked to Swain one more time during the PAT attempt but no dice, Wilson’s pass was behind the receiver and the ball fell to the turn for an incomplete pass.

The Seahawks then tried an onside kick recovered were called for an illegal formation. A re-kick of the onside kick saw Washington recover it and run out the remaining 22 seconds of the game.

The seven punts then a potential game tying drive that was followed by an unsuccessful two point PAT and a recovered fumble that was ruled illegal are two excruciating examples of the Seahawks inconsistency. The walk on water, feed the masses and pull the rabbit out of a hat routines are great for entertainment but not so much for an NFL. The Seahawks inability to block, run, pass and throw are masked by almost got em coach heroics that are frankly played out. The Seahawks lack of attention to detail on both sides of the ball will see the team miss the playoffs and leave many wondering is this the beginning or the end. Truthfully said, it is a little bit of both,