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Seattle Artist Runs A site where musicians, creatives, and hoopers meet at an intersection.

By Chardonnay Beaver

On the evening of March 26th, 2021, musicians, creatives, and hoopers all met at an intersection. At the infamous Greenlake Basketball Court they gathered to attend the Seattle Artist Runs. The goal of the event was to hold space and build connections amongst community members from various parts of the city; to engage in the

sport of basketball and participate in the thrill of cypher rapping.

Seattle Artist Runs was organized by Cre8ive Bloc (@cre8ivebloc), a “network of cre8ives [creative] being cre8ive [creative]”. Some musicians in attendance included, but was not limited to: Kateel (@kateel), ill

XChris (@Xchris), Marshall Hugh (@justmarshall22), Progress Supreme (@forever_winning85), Moussa (@afro.slim), and Daniel Nzanga (@youngmatondo). All of whom were active participants during the cypher.

Although the basketball games were exciting to witness, the true entertainment was the cypher (held at 4pm). All attendees gathered at the center of the basketball court where a speaker blasted instrumentals that enticed rappers to spit some freestyle, tell a story, and entertain as everyone rocked their head back and forth to the beats. Instrumentals from

songs like Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems (1997)―from The Notorious B.I.G. Life after Death album― played from the mobile speaker positioned in the center of the basketball court. In closing, I can imagine, due to the success of the event, that Cre8ive Bloc will be hosting many in the near future. Stay tuned!