“Seattle music is a real, this ain’t a game ~ its, movements”

Black History Month has a new entry to add among the elite roster of notable African American men and women. On February 13th Mr. Benjamin BJ&J ENT. Itched their name into Seattle’s HIPHOP/RAP history!

By becoming the first, Independent Seattle Hip-Hop/Rap artist & label to appear on the long running B.E.T Jams. 20 years ago, Mr. Benjamin work his way on the classic uncensored video show, “ B.E.T. Uncut” with the single, “The Anthem” (What’s My Name”, “Mr. Benjamin, Mr. Benjamin”) in the early 2000’s.

photo by Jake Gravbrot / Converge Media.

Now in 2022, this multi-award winning independent artist, hailing from Seattle, has once again made his way back on the B.E.T. network. By appearing on B.E.T. Jams, for the new sensational single titled, “Spend It”. Mr. Benjamin featured on the track, as the musical guest alongside his BJ&J ENT. Artist/son, Maribased1. B.E.T jams starting airing the video for the single“ Spend It”, on Super Bowl Sunday, February 13th, 2022. https://hiphopweekly.com/hhw-world-premiere-maribased1-spend-it-ft-e-silent-mr-benjamin/

NFL team, the LA Rams weren’t the only ones celebrating on the day of champions. BJ&J ENT., Mr. Benjamin and Hip-Hop/Rap music had a monumental victory to celebrate that Sunday.

Hip-Hop’s legendary producer, Dr. Dre entertained America, during the super bowl halftime show. Accompanied by other influential artist whom he has arranged and produced, my blowing songs for.

Upon researching Mr. Benjamin’s extraordinary journey as an independent artist, hailing from Seattle, WA, I discovered that he had a very impressive resume. Mr. Benjamin has received numerous awards from Seattle’s politicians such as, Seattle Mayor Paul Shell, Governor Gary Locke, and Seattle’s City Councilman Ron Sims.

Mr. Benjamin has also won 4 West Coast Hip-Hop (WHHH) awards in the years 2009, 2013, 2015, and 2016. Also, Seattle shared support for the local hip-hop/rap artist, by voting and selecting him for the “Best of the Best 2003 Readers Choice” award presented by Seattle Weekly. Mr. Benjamin has appeared in the “High Times” magazine as well, and numerous others. In 2003, “The People’s Champ!” had an article titled, “ Mr. Benjamin Goes With Flow” in the Seattle Times newspaper, written by Tina Potter. The article highlighted Mr. Benjamin’s positive energy and his empowering message geared towards the local youth.

In 2016 Mr. Benjamin, proudly passed the torch to Maribased1, and together they have accomplished amazing heights locally and nationally. Paired with his extensive knowledge of the music industry and mastering the art of maneuvering as independent artist, truly has paid off for his BJ&J ENT. Artist and son, Maribased1. When I asked Mr. Benjamin who is his idle in the music industries? Mr. Benjamin replied Clarence Avant the “Black Godfather” of the music industry with hopes of one day meeting him personally.

Not to be outdone by his accomplished dad, Maribased1 has appeared on the B.E.T Jams platform already five times starting in 2019, with the single “Bouncing” and soon after “Scorn”2019, “Mystery Girl 2020, “The End”2020, “Xuicide” in 2021 as well. With the collaboration featuring his dad for the song “Spend It’, gives this exciting artist on the rise his sixth appearance airing on B.E.T jams. A tremendous feat, during a month where astonishing accomplishments of black men and women are celebrated, is absolutely monumental. In addition, Maribased1 has had his music videos in rotation on national platforms such as Footlocker and streams on social media Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify just to name a few. In addition, Maribased1 entered iTunes U.S song chart landing at #33 on November 10th, 2021 for his song “Spend It’ and received a plaque from BJ&J Ent, He has also charted on college radio charts under his father, Mr. Benjamin’s guidance.

It’s clear that this father and son duo will dominate the independent hip-hop/rap scene in Seattle, reminiscent of the legendary father son duo, Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr., going down in the Seattle Rap game Hall of Fame together. They’ve definitely have cemented their name in the books and carved out their own lane for success leaving a blueprint for aspiring artist to follow.

What’s next for BJ&J ENT. Artist Maribased1? Mariotto-verse you can join today stay tuned in and see what BJ&J ENT. Is cooking up. Until then, you can find Maribased1 & BJ&J ENT., Mr. Benjamin on all social media platforms and music streaming sites @maribased1 @mrbenjamin2008 @BJJENT (FB). I’m excited that we have a new representative to represent for Seattle locally and on a national level, growing the independent hip-hop/rap scene and representing Seattle in a big way. By keeping the town on the radar nationally. Congratulations guys!

Written by Ms. Brandy Dawn February 20th, 2022


Mayor’s Award - October 31st , 2001, from Seattle’s Paul Shell, “For promoting Northwest music and Northwest communities”

Governor’s Award - October 8th , 2001, given by Gary Locke “For outstanding contributions to communities.

 Proclamation - April 13th, 2001 presented by Ron Sims King County Executive for the “Shack the shack!” at the Seattle public Library.

Seattle Weekly - Voted and Won 2003 Readers Choice award “Best Local Entertainer” Mr. Benjamin https://www.seattleweekly.com/news/2003-best-of-seattle-winners/

 Seattle Times Newspaper Article – October 26th, 2003 “ Mr. Benjamin Goes With Flow” written by Tina Potter. https://archive.seattletimes.com/archive/?date=20031026&slug=soundoff26

West Coast Hip-Hop Awards - 2009, 2013 & 2015

 Seattle Sound Music Award – 2015 “Hip Oscars/Rap” (Male)