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Senior Older and Wiser By June Michel

OK SENIORS, LETS VOTE. You will need your red and white official local voters’ pamphlet and your blue and white envelope with Official Ballot. The first thing you will notice when you open your ballot is that we only have 7 items to vote on. Depending upon where you live this could vary in any event, we can handle less than ten voting decisions. I will be referring to the King County voters’ pamphlet and will refer to the Contents listing at page 3.

1. Local Propositions, page 81: The first area on the ballot covers county propositions listed as measures on the contents page. Page 81 gives you some information on Proposition No. 1. Mark your ballot approved or rejected.

2. King County Executive, page 13: Five candidates for the top job in King County currently held by Dow Constantine. This is the man who shepherded us through the Coronavirus pandemic and set the pace for the rest of the country. It’s not broken, don’t fix it. Reelect Dow Constantine.

3. Seattle Mayor, page 32: We have fifteen candidates. Probably you already have a candidate selected and I hope you supported them with your Democracy Vouchers. This primary election’s top two will be on the November ballot. According to the Seattle times polls the three front runners right now are Bruce Harrell, Colleen Echohawk and M. Lorena Gonzales.

4. Seattle City Attorney, page 40: Three Candidates, the incumbent is Pete Holmes. Not only should we reelect him, he is the only one that earned the endorsement of Bob Fergusson, our State Attorney General.

5. Seattle City Council Position No. 8, page 42: Eleven candidates. Recent poll has Teresa Mosqueda and Kate Martin as the frontrunners.

6. Seattle City Council Position No. 9, page 48: Seven candidates. Recent poll has Nakitta Oliver and Sara Nelson out front.

7. School District Director No. 5, page 56: Three candidates. Your choices may be different based on your district.

THAT’S IT. Get it in the mail or a drop box. Don’t forget to sign and date the outside front of the ballot envelope. There is a list of drop box locations on pages 8-9. Statistically, seniors are known as the age group that is most likely to vote. Good job.



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