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Senior Older and Wiser By June Michel

WHO DO YOU TRUST TO TELL YOUR STORY? Do you trust the white news industry to report the whole story? Do you trust the schools to teach our children both great pride in their ancestors achievements and the truth of slavery? Do you trust the entertainment industry to portray Black characters as positive role models? Until recently, there was no choice in the matter. We have not had a repository for a history of Black people as seen through the lens of a respected Black historian. Well Seniors, those days are over thanks to the efforts of Dr. Quintard Taylor who took it upon himself create a website of Black History in 2007.

I encourage you to visit This website is a real godsend for students, community activists, legislators and an important asset for journalists. For generations it has fallen to seniors to pass down the family and community history. Now Dr. Taylor has amassed more than 6,000 news articles, stories, speeches and photos depicting African-American and Black history. This website is easy to use, just enter your subject in the search bar and receive a wealth of information that would have taken weeks to pull together on your own. So seniors, go to, find the articles that back you up and repeat after me, "See what I told you."

You can find so many answers which is why has now been viewed by over 43 million site visitors. Unless you recently took a course in Black history, you probably didn't know about this asset. That is exactly why Dr. Taylor wanted to take this information out of the classroom and make it accessible to the community itself. Reporting the truth is more important now than ever. Dr. Taylor launched this Black history website in 2007. As evidence of the need for a respected website given to recording the real history of the African American community, in the year 2020 alone, 6 million people visited the website. Pass this information on.

And remember, you read about it in The Facts Newspaper.


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