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THE PRIMARY ELECTION FOR MAYOR OF SEATTLE IS IN JUST 4 WEEKS: There are over a dozen candidates running for Mayor of Seattle and that's good because the new Mayor will be expected to guide Seattle through some tough issues including the homeless crisis, police funding, transportation and repair issues, post pandemic reopening issues and how to make our city streets safe. Eight candidates have risen to the top and are being featured at candidate forums around town. The top eight alphabetically are Colleen Echohawk, Jessyn Farrell, M. Lorena González, Bruce Harrell, Andrew Grant Houston, Arthur K. Langlie, Lance Randall and Casey Sixkiller. If you haven't had a chance to hear the candidates answering questions yet, you might find this YouTube recording from the Downtown Seattle Association's Candidate Forum helpful. With only weeks left before the primary and with so much at stake, it's time to select your candidate. ; BALLOTS WILL BE MAILED JULY 16: Our ballots will be mailed to us next Thursday. We will have about two weeks to mark and return our ballots but why wait until the last minute. The USPS recommends mailing ballots one week prior to election date, or by July 27. All mailed in Ballots must be postmarked no later than August 3. Of course ballot drop boxes will be available 24/7 right up to 8:00 p.m. election day. PRIMARY ELECTION IS TUESDAY AUGUST 3: This is a statewide election. Seattle is one of 23 Washington cities electing a mayor this year. According to the Secretary of State, there are a total of 1,091 candidates running for office in Washington. Luckily, our ballots only include our local candidates but it is easy to understand the suggestion to vote early. Washington has adopted a top two primary system which means that regardless of political party, the two candidates with the most votes will move on to the general election on November 2, 2021.

WHAT ABOUT COVID AND THE DELTA VARIANT? In an interview on PBS NewsHour, Dr. Anthony Fauci clarified that if you are fully vaccinated you are in "really good shape" because our vaccines are some of the best in the world and 88% effective. But the reason the National Institutes of Health recommend wearing a mask indoors in high density groups with a delta variant concern is that some people only received one of a 2-shot vaccine. For them, the vaccine protection drops to just 30%. Additionally, Dr. Fauci strongly suggests that unvaccinated people should take a look at the data. Nationally, the covid death rates are significantly down. But of the recent deaths from covid-19 and the delta variant, 95% were unvaccinated individuals. Obviously these deaths were preventable. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? It means the people of Washington State weathered covid19, we lived through an historic heatwave, we are protected against the delta variant, we figured out ways to cope with the pandemic lockdown, we joined the fight for Black lives and in the process, we took care of one another. Ok, so maybe its impossible to find an air conditioner for sale right now, but seniors are tough, we will handle it.


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