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SENIORS ARE USUALLY IN CHARGE OF THE FAMILY HISTORY. So here are items in the national news that we need to keep an eye on.

FAMILY HISTORY AND REPARATIONS: The time is right for action, not just discussing reparations. Five cities have already taken steps in an attempt to undo some of the harm caused by slavery itself as well as the harm caused by systemic racism. The five cities that are currently working toward reparations are Evanston, Illinois; Asheville, North Carolina; Burlington, Vermont; Providence, Rhode Island and just last week, San Francisco, California created a commission to start the process. How to compensate and what acts qualify for compensation are huge questions that the people are being asked to weigh in on. Some cities are tracking families that were harmed by real estate practices and legislation such restrictive covenants which were attached to deeds and which made it illegal to sell to specific racial and religious minorities. Some cities are looking at the practice of red lining. Most of the new reparations contain standards that require proof the family has been in residence for a specific length of time.

We need to take action on two fronts. First we need to become proactive and petition our city councils to join with other cities and work towards providing reparations to local families. At the same time seniors, we need to document our passed-down family histories and our family trees. The many reparation issues will take time to hammer out but today's seniors will not be here forever and the kids can't do it without you. You need to document.

DIABETES, NEW IMPORTANT COVID-19 INFORMATION: Surprising new data is raising concerns regarding people who contracted Covid-19. Apparently, six months after infection these individuals are 39% more likely to receive a diabetes diagnosis. This disturbing development is now being tracked by physicians. It is still unclear how coronavirus is tied to the increased risk of diabetes. Some doctors believe the virus attacks the pancreas which is responsible for creating insulin. Some doctors believe a contributing cause is our sedentary lifestyle and weight gain caused by the pandemic shutdown. On average, Americans gained two pounds per month during the past pandemic year. This new diabetes risk is not limited to adults, an increased risk for diabetes is showing up in children as well. Because some otherwise healthy individuals with no history of diabetes but who overcame covid-19 are now testing positive for diabetes, doctors are making a point of getting diabetes tests for their patients who have tested positive for Covid-19. Again, this increased risk of a diabetes applies to unvaccinated people who have contracted Covid-19. So please make certain your family members of all ages receive their Covid-19 vaccinations.

And remember, you read about it in The Facts Newspaper.



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