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The defending Major League Soccer Champions chances of winning the MLS is Back Tournament took a major blow Tuesday with a 2-1 loss to the Chicago Fire. If you have not heard MLS is back. Well sorta kinda. Major League Soccer is holding a league wide tournament in Orlando Florida. Teams were divided into groups of fours and the top teams from each group advances to the knockout round. The Sounders draw 0-0 in their first game against the San Jose Earthquakes meaning Tuesdays game against Chicago was a must win. The Tuesday morning game had a scheduled 6:00 am kick off time. Yes that was no misprint. The early wake call played a factor in the Sounders performance. The Sounders were lethargic and slow footed and hand just enough luck to find themselves in a goal less draw at halftime . Five minutes into the second half the Sounders luck ran out when Chicago forward Robert Beric was left wide open during a corner kick and the Slovenian forward slammed home a shot to give Chicago the 1-0 lead.

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The Sounders showed their mettle when Handwala Bawana equalized in the 77th minute after receiving an exquisite pass from Jordan Morris. Unfortunately for the Sounders the energy and determination from the goal was short lived. The team went back to its sleep walking mode and the result was momentary lapse of concentration that resulted in a game winning goal in the 84th minute by defender Mauricio Pineda. In short the heartbreaking goal put the Sounders in the bottom of the group with just one game to pay. Which means Bawana and the rest of the Sounders have a big mountain to climb if they are to progress in the tournament. ”The goal was a hell of an assist from Jordan Morris. I knew I had to get into the six [yard box] because in practice that’s what Jordan is good at – he gets down the line…and I have to finish it. Said Bawana during the post game press conference. “My instruction off the bench was to change the game. That’s my job every time I come in, and Schmetzer gave me clear instruction to come in and run on the defenders and try to change the game…but unfortunately we didn’t get the win.”



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