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While it’s not back to pre-covid days the Seattle Seahawks are back in preparing for another NFL season. And by the way is there anything to get back too? No Covid 19 is not over and much has changed due to the Global Pandemic. Many lives were lost many a families were and are still disrupted by the global disaster. What there is for us to do is heal and move forward. And fair enough it is easier said than done.

One of those avenues to healing for some is the world of sports. Sports is not everything but it is part of some peoples life. So last week there it was the opening of Seattle Seahawks training camp. Sure the players were wearing shorts, jerseys and helmets with no pads and doing a lot of stretching.

But you know what, for the hundreds of fans who showed up to get a glimpse of their beloved Seahawks it was simply Nirvana. For a brief two hours all that was in their minds was cheering on their Seahawks and dreams of a Superbowl win in Las Vegas of all places.

As with the machine that is the NFL once it starts it is unstoppable. Don’t bother telling the crazed green clothed fanatics who attended training camp about the how the NFL is an unstoppable all-consuming 24/7 public relations machine. Why , because all you will get from the football loving legions is yea no Duh we been waiting for football to arrive. The Seahawks have a mock game at Lumen Field schedule for August 8th and a week later the Hawks preseason begins with a game in Las Vegas on August 14th. Yes the NFL Is back. Now whether that is good or bad thing is open for interpretation.

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