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Sports by Mazvita

Former Odea and CD Panther Star Mishael Powell's unforgettable play seals Husky win.

As one would expect the Washington Huskies football team is a little heavy-legged going into Saturday night game against Arizona State that 0-3 in conference play and 1-5 overall. Why you ask? In life and sports, there are highs and lows. The high for the number 5 ranked Washington Huskies was a classic 36-33 win over Northwest rivals Oregon Ducks in front of the nation. The game played at Husky Stadium was one of the most anticipated contests since the two football teams have been playing each other. Going into the game the Huskies were ranked no.7 and the Ducks no.8 The game was Nationally televised ESPN Game Day was here three days before kickoff hyping the game up.

So the Huskies win the game on a missed field goal on the last play of the game. Fans rush the field, Husky Nation goes bonkers with parties lasting till the wee hours of Sunday morning. All good and well. The following week the Huskies moved up to number five in the National rankings. Up next for the Huskies, as I previously mentioned was a won Arizona State team that was the last team to beat the Huskies. What the Husky fans was an unmitigated disaster by the nation's top-ranked offense. The offense was flat-out horrible. How bad? On its first possession of the game Husky quarterback Michael Penix Jr a Heisman trophy candidate threw an interception. On its second possession, the Husky offense punted and on its third drive Penix Jr. threw another interception. Things did not get better for the Husky offense who managed just three field goals the whole game. The Huskies were down 7-6 in the fourth quarter and the Sun Devils marched down the field and at the Huskies ‘ yard with the game on the line. All hope looked lost until Powell intercepted ASU quarterback Trenton Bourget’s pass intended for one of his receivers and rambled 89 yards for the game-winning touchdown. The pick-six kept the Huskies National Championship hopes alive. As for Mish? We’ll he is now part of Husky folklore. He was asked when was the last he scored a touchdown since he played defensive back in high school and college

“I used to play for the CD Panthers, I remember. I was probably like 10 years old. The Central District Panthers, shoutout to them. They had me play like a tight end. I remember I caught like a corner route and I stiff-armed two guys and I scored so that was probably the last time I scored a touchdown” The Funny thing about heroes is that they never forget where they came from



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