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Sports By Mazvita - GRAND OPENING

Like some unforgettable Broadway Musical the Seattle Seahawks opened their road show in grand fashion with an encouraging 38 to 25 win over the Atlanta Hawks. Interesting enough the win was the Seahawks 6th straight win when starting at 10:00am eastern time. Add the fact that quarterback Russell Wilson had another career in which he was 31-35 for 322 yards and four touchdowns when he was throwing the ball. And dude led the team with 29 rushing yards. I would say Wilson is out to received his first MVP award. I know it’s the first game of a 16 game season but what’s wrong with a little hope for Seahawk Nation. Most impressive about Wilson’s passing display was that he threw to nine different receivers. Tyler Lockett led the way with 8 receptions for 92 yards. Running back Chris Carson did his best wide receiver imitation with 6 receptions for 45 yards and two touchdowns. So head coach Pete Carroll was asked what happened to the teams running game?

"Seven and six carries wasn't enough for our guys, we need to get more," Carroll said. "We were at 20, we want to get more than that in general, but when Russ is completing every pass, we weren't discouraged about the movement of the football. But we love running the ball, we always have, and those guys will get more carries, as we move down through the schedule."

Okay fair enough coach you were feeling some kinda way about Russ and letting him cook. Comforting for Hawk fans is that when called running backs Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde will be ready and on point. Speaking of being on the point the Seahawks defense was just that. Before you get to thinking the smokey air got me tripping, ( Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan did pass for 450 yards) the Seahawks defenses gave up all those yards after they were well ahead and went to a prevent defense . The Falcons were 0-4 on fourth down attempts and the Seahawks defense caused and recovered a fumble on fake punt by Atlanta. Enough said. The Seahawks were solid on offense and defense making for a well I will say it again a solid win.


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