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Light at the End of Tunnel

Last week was an emotional time for the United States of America in so many ways. There was the Inauguration of President Joseph Biden and Vice Kamal Harris and the annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many American were left in deep thought reflective and looking ahead. This thought process is sure to continue and the hope is that thought will initiate action.

For the Washington Huskies Men’s Basketball team thought went to action and finally favorable results. The Husky men’s basketball team is on a two game win streak. Win streaks are good in sports and when they break a seven game losing s streak the feeling is utter joy. Such was the case last week when the UW men’s basketball team recorded back to back wins over the University of Colorado (84-80) and the University of Utah (83-79). The wins were the first conference victories since last year. Give credit to the Huskies who stayed dedicated during one of the worst stretches in team history. The Huskies are still the worst team in the Pac-12 with a 3-11 record but at least they know the sweet taste of victory.

No better encouragement in sports than a W . So, like the American the UW Men’s basketball team knows the hard work it takes to win and will use that to continue to the promised land . For the UW nothing would be sweeter that to win it’s third straight conference game against the Washington State Cougars who role into Alaska Airlines for a Sunday night game. For the rest us it will be to hold the President Biden and Vice President Harris to account. An opportunity to move the country forward from the last four treacherous years. In holding the new administration to account we in turn must hold ourselves accountable. That is what a free enterprise system looks like.


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