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Seahawks Re-sign Jamal Adams

The Seattle Seahawks made Jamal Adams the highest paid safety in football Tuesday afternoon when they signed him to a four year $70 million dollar extension. Adams was already under contract but this deal means he will be a Seahawk for many years. When the Seahawk traded for Adams from the New York Jets last year they gave up two first round draft in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Yes it was a king’s ransom without a doubt.

Upon his arrival Adams transformed the Seahawks defense despite playing injured most of the season. The Adams factor on the Seahawks can best be put this way. The All Pro safety led the Seahawks in sacks with 9.5. Yes a safety led an NFL team in sacks. How you ask? Adams played on the defensive line, linebacker position and safety. In other word dude was everywhere and that good. Most believed a deal between the Seahawks and Adams would get done once last season ended. When this season started Adams participated in nonphysical practices to make a statement. If my future is not secure then I am not going to take any chances with my health. With each passing day the story line became bigger and bigger. Or at least the media made it seem that way. In all fairness the negotiations did drag on for five months. On Tuesday afternoon Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and Jamal Adams spoke to the media and you already know both played nice and had nothing but kind words to say about each other. Why not? The Seahawks lock up one of the best players in the game for the foreseeable future and Adams gets a $70 million dollar pay day with an instant check for $28 million .



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