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Had to put in the quantifier to the above headline. We all know the answer to the question

of are we getting right? As a society , not a chance! We are moving in the right

direction but good lord oh might do we have a long way to go. We all know patience is a virtue but

sheez! Okay let me get to the business at hand. Sports.

The Seattle Seahawks definitely

got right with a much needed 31-7

win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars were the perfect tonic

for a team that was on a threegame

losing streak and as we mentioned

last week getting blurry

eyed, long on the tooth and going

down that who can I trust rabbits’

hole. A solid effort from your defense,

special teams and stellar

play from your backup quarterback

will put that bounce to your

step and have you walk around

with your head held high with that

bourgeoise look. Seahawks safety

Quandre Diggs got his third interception of the season on Sunday, and he became the only current

player in the NFL to record at least three interceptions five years in a row. Backup quarterback Geno

Smith completed 20 of 24 passes for 195. At one point in the game the brother was 14 of 14 in

passes attempted and completed. And special teams? How about this one? The Jaguars scored a late

fourth quarter touchdown and tried an onside kick. Dig this , instead of jumping on the attempted

onside kick, Travis Homer scooped the errant ball and rambled 44 yards for the touchdown. And you

already know , the play sent 12 Nation into an obsolete frenzy, hooting, hollering and high fiving

one and all. Here is what head coach Pete Carroll had to say about the teams win.

This was a really good game for us, one we needed badly just to get at home and have fun with the

fans. It was a really well-played game for us. Defense did a fantastic job all day long really across the

board, and just did what we hoped they would do. We continue it get better. We can see it, we're proving

it, and we need to keep counting on it as we head into the second half here. The second half

started today,” Well kind of sort of coach. The Seahawks were given a few days off because it a bye

week and they will return next week to start the second half of the season which is looking pretty

rosy for the moment.


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