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Sports With Mazvita | A STATEMENT WIN

While it might seem like hype, and sensationalism two weeks into the season that is exactly what the Seattle Seahawks produced in their 37-31 overtime win over the Detroit Lions in Detroit Michigan. See last week the Seahawks were boat-raced 30-13 in the home opener by the Los Angeles Rams of all team. You talk about a buzz kill! The Seahawks did and said all the right things during the season to have the 12’s dream of a deep playoff run. Well after losing to the hated LA Rams at home Halloween came early as in a horror show. While the Seahawks went about their business all week at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center preparing for a cross-country trek to Detroit a few 12’s pondered the notion of selling off some of their season tickets. None season ticket holders pulled out the Seattle Kraken schedule while local and national sports writers were writing the Seahawks season obituary.

Yeah after just one game. But as I mentioned the Seahawks were focused, believed in each other, and took care of business in Detroit. Sure there were mistakes along the way but all that mattered on Sunday was that the Seahawk's regular season was now 1-1. What’s with the statement win comment you ask? Well, it’s not just that the Seahawks even their record after a loss. It had to do with who the Seahawks beat. See the Detroit Lions were coming an impressive win over the defending Superbowl Kansas Chief in Arrowhead Stadium. See Sunday's game between the Seahawks and the Lions was supposed to be the Lions coming out party. It was their season opener and like the Seahawks big expectations were placed on the Lions. So for the zombie-labelled Seahawks to stumble into Ford Field and steal a win over the Lions is well a statement win. “ After stinking it up in the second half last week we were ready to show that we can play anybody anywhere,” a jubilant Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said after the game. And you can best believe the cost to attend a Seahawks game just went up and interest in the Kraken subsided for the time being.

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