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The Seattle Mariners little secret is no longer a secret.

The Seattle Mariners little secret is no longer a secret. Last night Mariner rookie outfielder Julio Rodriguez participated in the MLB’s Home Run Derby. Simply put Jrod put on a show. Although he placed second in the signature event to the Washington National’s Juan Soto during MLB’s All- Star break Jrod was the fan favorite.

Rodríguez set a record for most home runs by a rookie in the opening round of a Derby. In fact, his 32 first-round homers to defeat Rangers shortstop Corey Seager (who had 24) were the most by a rookie in any round that has not included a swing-off. And that was just the beginning.

J-Rod crushed 31 more home runs in Round 2 against the reigning champ Alonso, becoming the first hitter in Home Run Derby history to post back-to-back 30-homer rounds He became the first with multiple 30-homer rounds in one Derby and the first with multiple 30-homer Derby rounds, period. Entering the 2022 Derby, there had only been four 30-homer rounds, by four different hitters. Rodríguez's first two rounds brought the total to six.

“He’s an amazing, young, talented player,” Soto said of Rodríguez. “What he does is amazing. He helped me out a little bit because he got tired [after the first two rounds]. But he’s an amazing player. He can do it all.”


In a prolific display of power that featured eight contestants combining for 291 home runs -- the third most in any Derby -- his 81 total home runs led the field and marked the second most hit by a player in a single Derby. Hitting 33,573 feet worth of home runs -- roughly 6.4 miles -- Rodríguez finished with the second best total distance in any Derby, trailing only Vladimir Guerrero Jr.'s 38,641 feet from 2019.

There is no doubt Rodriguez left a lasting impression similar to the one his idol Ken Griffey Jr. made . Griffey Jr. is the only Mariner rookie to win the Home Run Derby. Griffey Jr is the only MLB player to win the Home Run Derby in Major League history.

“He’s probably one of the best players that ever played this

game and somebody that any young guy can look up to. He’s

probably a role model for a lot of people. So having

somebody like him say something like that to somebody like

me is pretty amazing.” Well what’s pretty amazing is that

history is nally repeating it’s self for the Mariners. Yes once

in while lighting does strike twice.

On the season, Rodriguez has so far hit 16 homers and 52 RBI, to

go along with 21 stolen bases and top-level defense from center

eld. The Mariners will return to play this Friday with a three

game home series against the Houston Astro’s. Yes those Astro’s

who lead the American League West. What you need me to tell

you go buy tickets and watch the Jrod show?

Okay go to the Mariners box o8ce and watch lighting strike again.



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